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Sugar Mama Shimmer - Ice Queen White

Sugar Mama Shimmer - Ice Queen White


Who doesn't need more sparkle in their life? Now you can easily add some to your beverages + food! Sugar Mama Shimmer is 100% edible + is all sparkles with no worry. It not only doesn't add texture or flavor to your creations, it's also free of gluten, nut, soy, dairy, egg + calories. Pretty hard to resist if you ask us. 

*Each 4 gram/.14 ounce jar comes with a colorful stir stick and provides 30-40 servings. A little bit goes a long way kitten - so shimmer away!

Serving ideas: 
*Put some pizazz in your cocktails
*Glam up your champs
*Make those frosted desserts shimmer
*Or simply add some sparkle to your water bottle to make hydrating more fun!